How you can personalize Custard the adorable cow
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  • Choose a garment (T-Shirt or scarf) below.

  • Choose a design you might like to customize (if any) below. See design choices at bottom of page.

  • Choose a font style and font color for your message below.

  • Add your text personalization in the fields. Text will be situated for best fit on the garment.

  • Scarves will be printed with design on each end.

  • We will design your critter's garment according to your personalization specifications and send you a proof image for your approval before we print the garment. Keep an eye out for our email.

    All text personalization (punctuation, Capital letters etc.) will be customized based on what is typed in the fields providing the font allows for a case change.

Personalized Stuffed Plush Spotted Black Cow Animal
Item# PAT307
Choose a T-shirt or a scarf and enter your choice here:  Choose a design (optional) from the gallery and enter your choice here:  Choose a font style from the gallery and enter your choice here:  Choose a font color from the gallery and enter your choice here:  Add your message (Up To 70 Characters). Text will be situated on the garment for the best fit for the design or size of the garment.:
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Holy cow! If you know someone who suffers OCD (Obsessive Cow Disorder) then this happy little fluff is the perfect gift for you to personalize. No mad cow here! She has a pink accents and horn to horn grins.

See your font color and style options below.

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