Whether you place it by the door near the candy bowl, add it to the party table or just want to send someone a Halloween "Boo-loon" gram, you're sure to scare up some fun with these great personalized photo balloons!

Our custom photo balloons are great for adding that personal touch to your celebration. Made of a new patented, durable, waterproof film, this unique 11 inch balloon is custom printed identical on both sides in rich, bold color!

No need for helium!

Simply blow up the balloon through the provided stem. Balloons are self sealing and will remain inflated for weeks. As balloon becomes deflated, you can simply blow more air through the bottom of the stem.

Turning your custom balloon into a piece of memorabilia is easy. If you wish to deflate balloon to store or to put in a scrapbook, just remove the cup and stem from the balloon and probe the tab at the bottom of the balloon with a blunt stick and push gently until all of the air escapes.


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