Personalized Bat Mitzvah Cookie And Cake Treats Party Bundle 1

Personalized Bat Mitzvah Cookie And Cake Treats Party Bundle 1
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Personalize this yummy custom bundle of goodies and party favors for your Bat Mitzvah. We offer many design choices or use your own, to incorporate your image and party theme with plenty of beautiful confections that will make your Bat Mitzvah a smash.

We can also personalize other party favors to make your Bat Mitzvah extra unique such as T-shirts, tote bags and candle holders and more. See suggestions below.

How can we make your Bat Mitzvah spectacularly personalized?


What’s in this scrumptious bundle of goodies?

**** 48 personalized cake pops with your picture on a side cookie and drizzled in icing with your party colors ****

About those personalized photo cake pops...

We’ll take your image, put it on a little sugar cookie and stick it to our heavenly cake pops which are a combination of rich, fudgy, double chocolate cake recipe that's mixed with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting, then drenched in a chocolatey coating. We won’t stop there. We’re going to drizzle on icing in the color of your choice and wrap each cake pop individually in a clear cello bag and tie it with ribbon.

**** 48 Personalized Oreo Photo Cookies ****

About those Oreo photo cookies...

After dipping an Oreo in our delicious white chocolate, we take your image and place it in on top of the Oreo. Then wrap them individually in a clear cello bag and tie them with ribbon.

**** 4 Personalized Softball Photo Balloons ****

About those personalized photo balloons...

Add another personal touch to your celebration. Our personalized photo balloons feature your image with the text of your choice. These balloons come with a white stem and they are tall enough to place in any table décor. No need for helium. Made of a new patented, durable, waterproof film, this unique 11 inch balloon is custom printed identical on both sides in rich, bold color! These balloons hold air for months. As balloons lose a bit of air, simply blow more air through the bottom of the stem. Balloons can also be deflated so that they can be flattened and placed in a scrapbook. When choosing the perfect image for your photo balloons, please make sure the image is at least 300 dpi.

**** 24 Cupcake Push Pop Party Favors ****

About those Cupcake Push Pops...

Customize your own cupcake push pops with plenty of design choices. Layer your cupcake push pops with different cake flavors including brownie, fillings such as chocolate sauce and caramel sauce, and icing colors. These gorgeous creations make fabulous and unforgettable party favors.


*> Getting them to the party in perfect condition

We will work with you to personalize these deliciously unique treats so that they look exactly the way you want. Please allow 2-3 weeks after final design approval to process this order and prepare the treats for shipment day. All confections are shipped within 24 hours after baking.

*> Shipping and delivery tips

We will try to schedule your treats to arrive Monday through Friday. UPS weekend delivery is not an option and treats could be left over the weekend in a hot warehouse.

During hotter months and depending on your location, we will need to ship your treats in a food safe, reusable foam cooler with Koolit Gel icepacks to ensure freshness and maximum protection. With careful packaging, your treats are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition!

There is a $7.00 flat fee for the cooler with icepacks protection. With careful packaging, you treats are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition!

It would be beneficial to schedule your treats to be delivered to an address in which someone will be there to accept delivery.


Need extra treats for the party? Just let us know. We can add anything to this bundle.

We can also personalize other party favors for your special occasion such as;

Ceramic tea candle holders with photo or name. Custom T-shirts Teddy Bears wearing custom T-shirts Sigg water bottles with party event hashtag Towels with photo and party theme colors Tote bag with photo and party theme colors Custom photo jewelry Photo pillowcases Let us know how we can help you personalize unique party favors.