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Chalkboard Balloons Chalkboard Balloon Signs Lafaloons

$10.99 each or 5 for $45.00 or 10 for $80.00

Chalkboard Balloon/Chalkboard Party Balloon/Chalkboard Balloon Sign For Weddings/New Baby/Engagement/Birthday/Photo Prop/Menus/Announcement Sign
Item# BCB211
$10.99, 5/$45.00, 10/$80.00
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Chalkboard Balloons Chalkboard Balloon Signs Lafaloons Chalkboard Balloons Chalkboard Balloon Signs Lafaloons

Chalkboard balloon/chalkboard party balloon allows you to display your own chalk creations for your wedding, engagement, birthday party or new baby announcement on a balloon.

Some great features of a chalkboard balloon

  • You can continually use this chalkboard balloon just as you would an actual chalkboard. The balloon may lose a bit of air over time and you can simply blow more air into it through the stem to re-inflate it as needed.
  • Both sides of this balloon can be drawn on and is a great opportunity for your message to be seen at all angles.
  • The unique 3 dimensional aspect of this balloon captures attention for your message more than a flat board sign.

Some great ideas for a chalkboard balloon

  • Use as table markers when a table needs to be identified from all angles.
  • Makes an adorable messaging element to a table centerpiece.
  • Use as a directional sign when needed for a large venue.
  • The dimensional aspect of a chalkboard balloon makes for a super fun photo prop.
  • Great announcement messaging opportunity for save the date, baby due date etc.
  • Menu and drink specials on a chalkboard balloon really stand out and capture attention.
  • Remind your guests what your event hashtag is without consuming the table space that a sign does.
  • Gender reveal. Decorate one side of the balloon for a boy and the other side for a girl.